Tips to Find Ideal Clients for Your Reseller Hosting Business

Tips to Find Ideal Clients for Your Reseller Hosting Business

As of the beginning of 2024, 571.92 million websites worldwide were using web hosting services. Web hosting is a booming industry which is estimated to grow at 20.3% CAGR by 2030.

Therefore, to compete and stand out in this booming industry, reseller hosting businesses must offer more than just services. This article explains a few tips for reseller hosting businesses to find ideal clients and offer the best web hosting services in India.

What is a Web Hosting Reseller Business?

A reseller hosting business or reselling hosting service is a service wherein you buy web hosting reseller plans in bulk from a web hosting parent company. The bulk purchase of plans is repackaged into the best web hosting reseller package with added services for your client.

 It is basically white labelling services under your business name. The reseller is a middleman acting between the parent company and the client, reselling hosting services under this name and price.

Tips To Find Ideal Clients For Your Reseller Hosting Business

– Create an Ideal Reseller Hosting Webpage For Your Business

The first and most important tip is that you need to create an ideal reseller hosting webpage. Your webpage will be the ideal medium through which your client can get to know about your offerings and stay in touch with you.

Therefore, ask yourself, does your present website meet the expected standard? It means you need to have a web page which does not just look professional but is smooth, always available and most importantly, optimised well.

– Create a Niche

The web hosting market is competitive; therefore, creating a niche gives you an edge. You can do this by customising and creating the best web hosting reseller packages designed for your target audience.

You need to frame your web hosting reseller packages in such a way that they reflect the expertise that you aim to target through your niche. Through this you can serve the exact reseller hosting services your client needs.

– Supportive Customer support

Supportive customer support goes a long way in building strong long-term relationships and promoting healthy marketing through word of mouth. You need to offer beyond the usual customer support that makes your customer feel valued.

You can do this by making yourself easily reachable, offering support and suggestions during times of need, and carrying out regular follow-ups. Open up as many windows for customer support as possible, ensuring your availability.

– Create A Strong Referral Network

Make use of your present customer base and create a strong referral network. You can offer bonuses and discounts to reach new clients.

– Build a Healthy SEO Strategy

No webpage can escape the test of SEO; therefore, optimise your webpage using a solid SEO strategy. You can do this by:

  1. Conducting research and finding relevant keywords-based target audiences and the web hosting industry.
  2. Incorporating these keywords in meta tags, titles, headings and webpage content.
  3. Optimising web page speed and ensuring easy navigation.
  4. Creating a user-friendly interface which supports both desktop and mobile versions.
  5. Keep your software and application updated.
  6. Ensuring absolute security.


Clients are the backbone of any reseller business; therefore, use these tips to build a strong base for your business. Focus on creating a solid online presence with a well-optimised web page that is based on your niche.

 You need to have strong customer support that goes beyond to help your clients. Create new clients by using discounts using referrals and optimise your SEO strategy from time to time.